Trump Asked Famous Artist To Paint A Portrait Of Melania For Free, The Painter’s Response Is PERFECT

Ralph Wolfe Cowan is widely considered the best portrait painter in the world. Cowan, who is 87, has painted more reigning monarchs, 16, than any other painter in history. He does not limit his work to royalty, he has also painted famous celebrities and the very wealthy.

Cowan has painted portraits of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Donald Trump. The famed artist has painted all members of the Trump family, except for Donald’s third wife Melania. Trump attempted to remedy that by asking Cowan to paint a portrait of his wife.

According to Cowan, who lives in Florida, the conversation took place before Trump was president. Trump asked Cowan to paint Melania’s portrait for free. Cowan refused. He said, “Are you kidding me? I don’t do anyone or anything ever for free. Ever.”

Cowan recalled the conversation, “His wife said she wanted to be painted … and so Trump came to me trying to get it for free and I said ‘I don’t do anyone or anything ever for free. Ever.’ I realize he had that show and people gave him things for free so he was used to that because of the TV show. This was about a year and a half a go.”

Since the president launched his 2016 campaign, Cowan said his portrait of Trump has received considerable attention. Cowan said, “I’ve gotten a lot of calls about that Trump portrait I painted since he won the election and while he was campaigning.” He added, “The painting I did of him has become famous.”

Cowan’s famous portrait of Trump wearing a white tennis sweater is pictured above. He painted it in 1989 and it still hangs inside Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida

President Trump is not the first United States president who has been painted by Cowan. Former presidents Reagan, Carter, Johnson, and Kennedy have all been painted by the famed artist. Currently, Cowan is finishing portraits of the three-year-old prince and princess of Monaco. Prince Albert II of Monaco is a long time friend of Cowan.

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