Mar-A-Lago Members Are Getting Tours Of Air Force One And It Could Land Trump In A Lot Of Trouble

Democrats in the Senate sent a letter on Wednesday, that was released today, asking for the inspectors general of the Defense Department and the Air Force to investigate tours of Air Force One given to members of the president’s high-end clubs.

Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), Tom Carper (D-DE), Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) joined together in making the request. Their letter read in part, “Previous Presidents have provided friends and even campaign donors tours of Air Force One, but the reports that members of the President’s private club may have received such tours are particularly troubling because their relationship to the President arises out of an ongoing business relationship with the President.”

The Senators asked the inspectors general to “review of all individuals who have had access to Air Force One for tours or other nonofficial travel” since Trump took the oath of office.

President Trump reportedly gave members of his high-end Mar-A-Lago club a tour of Air Force One last year. Buzzfeed obtained an invitation for the tour, that invitation was cross-checked with other records received through a Freedom of Information Act request. While club members refused to either confirm or deny attending the event, the fact that the invitations were even sent proves troubling.

According to redacted government records, 14 people were scheduled to attend each of 2 tours. All names were redacted off of the government released records, however, they do expose some of the attendees’ email addresses. Eight of the people invited to the tour were connected to the Arrigo Automotive Group. The company is a family-owned car dealership around West Palm Beach.

Joe Arrigo and his sons head the company, the men and their wives are long-time members of Mar-A-Lago and the Trump International Golf Club. Joe Arrigo has been a member of the Golf Club since it opened in 1999.

Photos taken at Mar-A-Lago a couple of weeks before the Air Force One tour show Arrigo golfing with the president. According to records, the president has spent more than a third of his days in office at one of his resort properties.

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