Watch Protestors Chant ‘Lock Him Up’ At Michael Flynn As He Leaves DC Courthouse

Tuesday morning, former national security adviser to Donald Trump Michael Flynn made his first appearance in a Washington DC courtroom. Flynn pled guilty to lying to the FBI last year. Flynn took a plea deal and is currently working with investigators in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

A group of protestors gathered outside the courthouse and chanted “lock him up” as Flynn left after his court appearance. The chant was a mocking reference to Flynn’s repeated 2016 campaign chants of “lock her up,” referencing Hillary Clinton. Flynn led the chant during the 2016 Republican National Convention.

Flynn’s sentencing has been delayed. Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan delayed the sentencing again. Sullivan convened the hearing in order to see why the probation office should prepare the pre-sentence report without scheduling a sentencing date at the same time, which is the typical course of action. Flynn’s lawyers agreed to delay the report which is used in determining sentence length.

According to the LA Times, today’s hearing did not reveal anything about the Mueller probe’s direction. It remains unclear in what way Flynn is assisting the Special Counsel investigation. It has been 7 months since he entered his guilty plea. In that 7 month time period, little if any information about his involvement in the investigation has been revealed.

Flynn’s lawyer Robert Kelner commented today saying, “General Flynn is eager to proceed with sentencing when that is possible.” He continued adding that Flynn wants to “bring an end to this chapter of his life.”

Many observers tweeted about the protests. One wrote: “Flynn didn’t say anything to reporters on his way out of the courthouse, he quickly got into a black SUV as a few protesters shouted ‘lock him up'”

Another tweet read, “Michael Flynn was Today Greeted With Chants Of ‘Lock Him Up'”



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