The Trump Baby Blimp Is Coming To Bedminster To Torment Trump While He Golfs, And Trump Won’t Be Happy

President Trump had a disastrous week abroad last week. He upended the NATO summit in Brussels, Belgium. After that appearance, he went to the United Kingdom where he slammed his host, Prime Minister Theresa May. Trump gave an exclusive interview to a British tabloid, The Sun, in which he criticized May for her handling of Brexit. The story was published as he was dining with May. Then, of course, there was the disaster that some have characterized as “treasonous” in Helsinki when Trump met one on one with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

While Trump was in the UK, he was met not only by 250,000 protestors who took to the streets of central London but also by a giant inflatable blimp. The giant balloon features a baby version of an angry Trump. He is orange and angry, throwing a temper tantrum in a diaper while holding a cellphone.

The blimp was purchased with a crowdfunding campaign in the UK. The crowdfunding page explained its purpose. It reads:

“When Trump visits the UK on Friday the 13th of July this year, we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking … and laughing at him. That’s why a group of us have chipped in and raised enough money to have a 6-metre high blimp made by a professional inflatables company, to be flown in the skies over Parliament Square during Trump’s visit.”

The blimp, affectionately named “Trump Baby” is making its way across the pond where it will be flown near his club in Bedminster, New Jersey where he spends countless weekends during the summer. The original balloon will not be flown in the US, but activists in New Jersey have raised money to build a replica.

Didier Jimenez-Castro explained that the group wanted to raise $4,500 for the balloon, they raised $23,693. He said that the surplus will be used to build blimps across the country. He said they will build several blimps “so we can go coast-to-coast, border-to-border.”

Jimenez-Castro added, “The baby Trump is not just a piece of humor, but it is also a symbol of the administration. It’s symbolic of the children that are in cages, it’s a symbol of racism, and we know that he hates to be ridiculed.”

Trump said that the balloon made him feel “unwelcome” in London. He avoided the city during his UK trip.


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