‘Russian Soldiers’ Are Now Standing Guard At Trump’s Destroyed Star On Hollywood’s Walk of Fame

Well, here is something you don’t see every day…not even in Hollywood, California.

Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star has two “Russian” guards carefully standing watch over it, following a series of brawls that have broken out at the site over the course of the week.

The star became a hotbed of protest after an anti-Trump protester identified as Austin Clay, 24, reduced the star to rubble using a pickaxe on Wednesday.

Following the pickaxe attack, protesters both for and against the president flocked to the Hollywood monument to bicker over the star – some seeking to destroy it and others to protect it.

Its latest protectors are two men dressed as Russian guards, as spotted first on Wednesday.

The image displays the two men in full Russian guard garb complete with green knee-length coats, fur-trimmed hats, and holding up a Russian flag despite the sweltering LA heat.

The Soviet soldiers received their five minutes of fame on Jimmy Kimmel who aired footage of the duo stonily standing guard over the star.

“That’s what comrades do for other comrades,” Kimmel joked.

On Thursday, a brawl broke out between supporters of Trump and opponents over his defaced Hollywood Walk of Fame star, according to a video obtained by TMZ.

The shows protesters chanting “F— Donald Trump” near the president’s destroyed star on one side of the sidewalk. On the other side, a group of Trump supporters stood surrounding what appeared to be a cardboard cut-out of the president.

The video then shows the two groups appearing to confront each other before cutting to two protesters fighting, with others joining in. One man is seen kicking another man in the head while he’s on the ground. TMZ claimed the fight started when someone used the n-word.


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