One Of Betsy DeVos’ 10 Yachts Was Just Vandalized, And Not A Tear Was Shed

Betsy DeVos owns more than one yacht. One of her yachts is a $40 million 163 foot boat named “SeaQuest” that docks at Huron Boat Basin in Huron, Ohio. According to police in Ohio, that yacht was vandalized over the weekend. It was found undocked at 6 a.m. Sunday by Captain Quintynn Botha and his crew.

Upon discovering the yacht undocked, police were called and the crew was able to get control of the boat. According to Botha, the yacht sustained up to $5,000-$10,000 in damage. Botha explained that neither he or his crew noticed anything out of the ordinary the night before the yacht was vandalized.

The damage consisted of “several large scratches and scrapes” that resulted from the boat hitting the dock. The crew was “able to gain control of the ship, but not before it struck the dock with its Starboard forward section.”

The Huron police department says they are waiting to see is surveillance footage reveals who was near the boat when it was untied.

DeVos is one of President Trump’s controversial cabinet members. DeVos heads the department of education, despite her inexperience with public schools. She has been a major proponent of “school choice” and has widely been criticized for her discriminatory positions.

DeVos is one of the most wealthy members of the president’s cabinet which is largely a billionaires club. DeVos’ family reportedly has a net worth of $5.3 billion. While she is certain to be upset that her yacht was vandalized, she still has 9 other luxury boats at her disposal.

It is unclear why the SeaQuest was in northern Ohio while the family is from Michigan.

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