Kellyanne Conway Snaps At Fox News Host After He Asks About Russian Interference, ‘It’s Foolish!’

Kellyanne Conway appeared on the typically friendly Fox News network on Tuesday. The appearance was on America’s Newsroom. The show’s co-anchor, Bill Hemmer, pressed Conway to discuss Russian election interference in light of the president’s upcoming one on one sit down with Russian president Vladimir Putin.

Conway’s appearance was lengthy, toward the end, Hemmer asked if the president intends to discuss Russia’s interference in the 2016 election with Putin when the two meet. Conway was less than pleased with the line of questioning, attempting to suggest that the issue was closed. She suggested that it really was not serious because, she insisted, the election was not affected by the interference.

She referred to the Mueller probe and said that it was “foolish” to continue talking about 2016. Of course, lawmakers are fully aware of the fact that Russia will continue their meddling efforts in the 2018 election.

Conway said, “It was addressed previously as you know. Let’s just make very clear the difference between that report about interference, about the fact that Russia wanted to interfere in the elections, tried to interfere in the elections. And what we were promised beginning 18 months ago — and in some corners still — which is collusion that had direct nexus to the election results that swung the election to Donald Trump.”

She continued, “Nobody’s even saying that anymore, Bill and [America’s Newsroom co-anchor] Sandra [Smith]. Nobody’s even saying that anymore. But boy, were they saying it. Wanna see the clips? I’ve got ’em ready for you.”

Hemmer asked, “Meaning no votes were changed?”

Conway replied, “Well that’s right. It did not swing the election results. The only person who still talks about that once in a while is the person who lost the election. Because the person who lost the election won’t admit why she lost the election.”

Hemmer was not satisfied, he said, “I get that, as President of the United States, you’re talking about Democratic process and keeping it pure. Why not take this on in conversation?”

Conway launched into an incoherent list of officials who she said already addressed the issue. She concluded, “It is foolish for anybody to still be going back to 2016, almost two years ago now, and trying to pretend that that election result was what it was — 305 electoral votes happened because of any outside interference. If you look at the money that was spent, the value of what was spent, it couldn’t have swung a local dog catcher election. And people know it when they’re being honest.”


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