Ivanka And Jared Take Exercise Classes In The Dark To Avoid Being Confronted In Public

While Trump administration officials face frequent public protest and confrontation, first daughter Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner remain largely out of public view. Their low profile raises the question, what exactly do they do? They are not spotted at restaurants in D.C., being heckled by angry citizens, so where are they?

According to a Washington Post report, one way the couple likes to spend their time is in spin class. They enjoy the DC spin studio Flywheel where they take class in the dark. The studio says it is “challenging” and “intensely fun” and “not like anyone else.” Spin classes in the studio take place in the dark, the studio says “the better to pedal unobserved.” That may be part of the appeal for Ivanka and Jared who try to avoid public scrutiny at every turn. Flywheel is a pricey studio, unlimited access to the studio costs more than $250 a month for each participant.

Ivanka and Jared leave the darkness of the studio and quickly return to their Washington mansion, avoiding public exposure. After a recent class observers saw Kushner leave the studio, pull his baseball cap down over his face and quickly hop into an SUV that drove him away.

Members of President Trump’s White House have found themselves feeling rather unwelcome when out in public lately. The officials who have experienced a range of public disapproval have responded largely by removing themselves from the situation. Last month Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was politely asked to leave a restaurant where she was dining. She left the restaurant. Similarly, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson was met with protest while dining at a Mexican restaurant. She also left the restaurant.

Similarly, as news about immigrant children torn from their parents at the border dominated headlines, Stephen Miller, the president’s harsh anti-immigrant adviser, chose to dine at a Mexican restaurant in D.C. He was met with patrons calling him a fascist.

It is no wonder that the president’s daughter and her husband who are entirely complicit in Trump’s abhorrent policies would want to spin in the dark and hide from the world.

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