Trump Suggests North Korea Could Have “The Best Hotels In The World”

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump told reporters in Singapore that he thinks Kim Jong Un should be building hotels in North Korea instead of missile testing facilities. In fact, Trump suggested the idea to Kim personally.

The president was apparently in the middle of a conversation with Kim about the possibilities for new infrastructure in North Korea for future development, like high speed trains, when he brought up the real estate potential of the rogue state.

“It’s gonna be up to them. It’s gonna be up to the people, what they want. They might not want that. I can understand that, too,” Trump said. “But that was a version of what could happen, what could take place.”

“As an example, they have great beaches,” he continued. “You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean. I said, boy, look at that view, wouldn’t that make a great condo. And I explained, I said instead of doing that, you could have the best hotels in the world right there.”

“Think of it from a real estate perspective. You have South Korea, you have China, and they own the land in the middle. How bad is that? It’s great.”

The remarks followed the signing of a joint resolution between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, where the prospect of the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula brought the president to the bargaining table. Though the president is adamant that the agreement signed by both leaders dictates clear steps toward progress with the historically rogue nuclear state, some aren’t so sure.

One expert told Reuters that Trump’s deal with Kim falls short of the grand, peacemaking summit worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize. Anthony Ruggiero, a senior fellow at conservative think tank in Washington, said he wasn’t sure “if Kim has made a strategic decision to denuclearize, and it is unclear if further negotiations will lead to the end goal of denuclearization.”

“This looks like a restatement of where we left negotiations more than 10 years ago and not a major step forward,” he added.

Meanwhile, Trump’s most ardent supporters will continue to insist that history was made earlier this week. But if it all goes belly-up, at least Trump will have landed himself a nice opportunity to pitch hotel deals to a tinpot dictator.

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