Here Are 25 Of The Most Insane Conservative Conspiracy Theories

1. Government Hypnotized People to Make Them Shoot Schools

Ever since the school massacre at Sandy Hook, an extremist segment of the far right has claimed that the shooting was a false flag operation carried out by the federal government to justify seizing guns. Since then, the Sandy Hook theory has been merged with a larger claim that builds off one made by conspiracy theorist Bill Cooper in 1991. He contended that the government will place more guns in criminal hands, then use hypnosis and drugs to convince mental patients to shoot up schools — again, all as part of a conspiracy to seize guns.

2. Corporations Control the Climate

Conspiracy theorists on both the left and the right can land on the same crazy idea. The latest is that climate change is the product of multinational corporations using their wealth to change the weather (by seeding clouds, for example). Their goal is to profit from carbon credits and control the world’s food production.

According to Naomi Wolf, once Al Gore’s adviser, this plot involves Bill Gates, Monsanto, Goldman Sachs, and Rupert Murdoch, who are using “carbon engineering” to “seek governance” by building a private “solar radiation management stratosphere.” With that, they’ll control the climate, giving them limitless wealth and power.

3. Michelle Obama Is a Man

Alex Jones, a conspiracy theorist at InfoWars, is convinced that Michelle Obama was born male and that her presence as a woman is an elaborate con. He has gone so far as to claim that photos, if one studies them closely, show Michelle with a penis. Other “facts” behind this theory are that Michelle has wide shoulders and a strong-featured face. Other conspiracy sites claim that the absence of publicly available pregnancy and baby pictures for Sasha and Malia prove that Michelle was never pregnant with either of her daughters and is at best a hermaphrodite passing as a woman.

4. Crisis Actors Planted at School Shootings by Democrats

After the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, a young man named David Hogg leaped to prominence on left-leaning media outlets as he loudly called for a total gun ban in America. Sharp-eyed observers recognized him as someone who’d already had some news media exposure in Redondo Beach in California, where he witnessed a crime. Hence came the inception of the theory that the young leftists who rose to fame after school shootings are not students at all but, instead, “crisis actors” who travel from one shooting to another with canned arguments to destroy the Second Amendment.

5. Angela Merkel Is Hitler’s Daughter

In 2015, Angela Merkel welcomed millions of Muslim refugees from the Middle East and Africa to Europe. This led to a theory that Merkel’s official biography (born in 1954 to a Lutheran minister) is a lie. Instead, says the theory, a Nazi scientist used Hitler’s frozen sperm to artificially impregnate Eva Braun’s younger sister, resulting in Merkel’s birth. The same theory contends that Hitler was, in fact, an illegitimate Rothschild. This crazy conspiracy claims that WWII, the Holocaust, Merkel’s birth, and the Muslim incursion into Europe are all part of a sinister Jewish conspiracy to destroy the world.

6. Antifa Is Killing White People

Antifa says it’s an “anti-fascist” organization. People have noticed that its tactics – wearing black clothes, masks, and heavy boots, carrying bats and knives, and physically attacking and threatening those they oppose – are like the fascist conduct that Hitler and Mussolini’s followers used. This made it easy to believe Tom Bloke, one of Antifa’s self-styled leaders, when he tweeted that, on Nov. 4, 2017, “millions of Antifa supersoldiers will behead all white parents and small business owners …” Although Antifa spokespeople said the tweet was a joke, it gave rise to an unstoppable rumor that Antifa plans to go door-to-door killing white people.

7. Obama Was Born in Kenya

In his autobiography, Dreams of My Father, President Obama described how much of his young life involved him trying to figure out his racial identity as the product of a white, American mother and a black, African-born father. This search was a result of Obama Sr. leaving the family when Obama was a baby. President Obama met his father only once when he was 10. From this story, people opposed to Obama’s candidacy advanced the theory that he was, in fact, born in Kenya. Furthermore, Obama’s refusal to release his Hawaiian birth certificate gave this theory room to flourish.

8. The Clintons Murdered Over 100 People

A deeply embedded, right-wing conspiracy claims that the Clintons have a private black-ops team which kills people who might expose the Clintons’ criminal secrets. Seth Rich is allegedly just the latest victim. People who believe in this theory point out that an unusual number of Clinton associates, starting with Vince Foster, have committed suicide, been murdered, or died unexpectedly. The theory has become something of a joke, with internet posters showing Hillary Clinton making statements that she’s very sorry that “so-and-so committed suicide next week.” Other alleged victims include attorney Shawn Lucas, author Victor Thorn, and U.N. General Assembly President John Ashe.

9. Obama Is the Lord of the Flies (aka Devil)

Some pictures show Obama with flies landing on his face or him batting at flies. Therefore, some people began saying that Obama is Satan. The Bible talks about “Ba’al Zebub,” a God that the Biblical Philistines worshipped. The name has been translated to mean “Lord of the Flies” – that is, a God with power over flies. Over the centuries, Ba’al Zebub became another name for Satan. So, if flies are attracted to the American president, maybe that’s because he’s their “lord.” If he’s their lord, he must be “The Lord of the Flies,” otherwise known as Beelzebub or Satan.

10. London Mayor Orchestrated the Austin Bombings

When bombs went off in Austin, Texas, killing two, injuring four, and panicking the city, a theory arose that London Mayor Sadiq Khan had orchestrated the bombings. Khan allegedly did this to retaliate against President Trump’s stance against Islamist terrorism. The root of this theory stated that Khan went to Texas for a tech conference a few days before the bombing started. There, he condemned Trump for his tweets and said technology shouldn’t be used to blog anti-Islamic thoughts. The bomber turned out to be 21-year-old Mark Anthony Conditt, a self-described psychopath, who blew himself up when caught.

11. Obama Is Gay

Unlike our current president, only one woman emerged to say that she had dated Obama before he married Michelle. With Obama’s good looks and charm, the missing girlfriends seemed strange. The obvious answer for conspiracy theorists was that Obama is gay. Right on cue, some members of the Chicago gay scene emerged to say that Obama was a regular in Chicago’s gay clubs or that they had sex with Obama. One man, Larry Sinclair, wrote a whole book about it. The fact that Obama, during his presidency, was extremely close to his “body man,” Reggie Love, gave fuel to the theory.

12. Justice Scalia Was Murdered

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died suddenly and unexpectedly while visiting a friend on his Texas ranch. Even though there was no doctor in attendance at the ranch, no autopsy was performed on Scalia’s body. It didn’t help those worried about Scalia’s passing that he allegedly died with a pillow over his head, sparking concerns that he’d been smothered.

13. Obama’s Official Portrait Has Hidden, Pedophilic Messages

Obama’s official portrait, which shows him seated before a hedge with flowers in it, sparked several outlandish theories. The painter, Kehinde Wiley, who is a black and gay man, has hidden images of sperm cells in his previous paintings, prompting people to examine the sperm-shaped, bulging vein on Obama’s left temple in his portrait. Right-wing journalist Jerome Corsi’s wild theory is that the flowers in the painting symbolize “the pedophilia that [the Obamas are] engaging in or the slavery pedophilia.”

14. Obama Is a Muslim

President Obama’s father was a Muslim from Kenya. His stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, was also a Muslim from Indonesia. Obama lived in Indonesia with Soetoro for five years when he was in elementary school. When he attended a Catholic school there, Soetoro identified Obama’s faith as “Muslim.” On returning to Hawaii, Obama had no further religious education. When he moved to Chicago, he became a member of Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, which preached a combination of Christian gospel and social justice. Obama has identified himself as “a Christian by choice.” His faith is not tied to church attendance.

15. The U.N. Is Plotting to Take Over America

Agenda 21 started after the 1992 Earth Summit in Brazil as a non-binding action plan at the U.N., regarding sustainable development. During the Obama administration, some conservatives, led by Glenn Beck, began to worry that it meant that the U.S. would hand over its sovereign powers to the U.N. – all in the service of “sustainability.” This would include crowding people into urban regions (which tend to vote Democrat), pushing “population control,” ending with a “one-world government.” Agenda 21 doesn’t help these fears, as it implies handing financial and political power over to special interest groups towards “national settlement strategies.”

16. Pizzagate

Comet Ping Pong, a popular pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C., is owned by James Alefantis, a gay man who once dated David Brock, the CEO of Media Matters for America, a stridently pro-Democrat media outlet. When John Podesta, Hillary’s campaign manager, fell for a phishing scheme, making his emails public, they revealed that Comet Ping Pong was popular with DNC staffers. Add to this a false claim that Anthony Weiner’s laptop led N.Y. police to a Democrat pedophile ring and you had the perfect ingredients for the outrageous claim that Comet Ping Pong was Ground Zero for pedophiles within the Democratic Party.

17. The DNC Hack Was a False Flag Operation to Implicate Russia and Trump

The summer before the 2016 election, hackers who broke into the DNC server published the emails they ascertained. These emails reflected badly on the DNC, especially since they showed them working against Bernie Sanders’ campaign. Although Russia was tagged as the culprit, the fact that the DNC refused to turn the server over to the FBI for a forensic examination gave rise to a theory that the DNC itself, or even the Obama administration, was behind the hack. The reason would have been to prove that Putin, who Trump spoke of with some respect, was a genuinely bad actor.

18. Seth Rich Was Killed to Protect DNC and Clinton Secrets

On July 10, 2016, Seth Rich, a DNC employee, was murdered in Washington, D.C. He was shot in the back of his head, but nothing was stolen. Conspiracy theorists claimed his murder was connected to the DNC hack. Julian Assange of Wikileaks fueled the theory by suggesting that Rich might have been a source of insider material from the DNC, showing a concerted effort to derail Bernie Sanders’ candidacy. The D.C. police stated that Rich died as part of a bungled robbery, but right-wingers remained committed to the belief that Rich was another victim of the Clinton death machine.

19. The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated the U.S. Government

In order to reach out to the Muslim community and have a more diverse government to better reflect America’s population, President Obama’s administration placed many Muslims in government positions. Three examples are Huma Abedin, Secretary of State Clinton’s closest aide, Mehdi K. Alhassani, who worked for the NSA’s Chief of Staff, and Rashad Hussain, a White House counsel. Many conservatives saw this as a sign of an imminent Muslim takeover.

20. Democrats Use Illegal Immigrants to Vote and Win Elections

President Trump was elected in part because of his promise to seal the flow of illegal immigration from Latin America. Democrats have fought him, often arguing as if legal and illegal immigrants are the same. Conservatives, therefore, concluded that Democrats want to flood America with non-citizens to swell the ranks of (illegal) Democrat voters. Adding to this concern is the fact that voters can register when they get their driver’s licenses – and California recently passed a law giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses. Democrats claim that illegal aliens won’t be registered to vote, but conservatives doubt the turhfulness of this claim.

21. Powerful Democrats Are Satanists

Marina Abramovic, a performance artist, created “Spirit Cooking,” which apparently uses animal blood and her own saliva to “connect with spirits.” It’s as stupid as it sounds, but when the DNC hack revealed that Podesta was planning to attend a Spirit Cooking at Marina’s house, right-wing conspiracy theorists concluded that the evening, instead of it being a gag or an evening of performance art, was a satanic ritual. Blend that with the Comet Ping Pong pedophile conspiracy that also arose from Podesta’s emails, and you have a first-class conspiracy theory about Hillary and Satan.

22. Standardized Tests Make Students Homosexual and Communist

In 2010, the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers came up with standards that would allegedly improve students’ reading, writing, and arithmetic. They called these standards “Common Core” and encouraged school districts throughout America to implement them, which many did. The problem was that Common Core didn’t improve education, and right-wing conspiracy theorists opposed to federalizing American education concluded that Common Core was a secret plan to introduce kids to communism, one-world government, and even homosexuality.

23. Martial Law Will Take Over Conservative U.S. States

In 2015, seven southern and southwestern states hosted a special forces military training exercise called “Jade Helm 15.” Seeing men and equipment covering a vast region, those prone to conspiracy theories became worried that the U.S. military was practicing to take over of those states hostile to President Obama. There was genuine fear that the country was going to join with Chinese troops to round up political dissidents then impose martial law on the rest of America. The theory worsened when the command map made it look as if Texas and Utah, two conservative states, would be attacked as hostile.

24. The U.S., Mexico, and Canada Will Become One Country

Other than China, Canada and Mexico are America’s two biggest trading partners. Those two nations also share borders with the U.S. which are vulnerable to terrorists. In 2005, the U.S., Canada, and Mexico signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The SPP’s purpose was to coordinate the countries’ technical trade and security policies. For conspiracy theorists, though, the SPP was the beginning of a scheme to turn North America into one giant nation called the “North American Union.” Borders would be dissolved, Mexicans would take over American institutions, and the “Amero” would be the new currency.

25. FEMA Runs Secret Concentration Camps on American Soil

One of the most persistent conspiracies among anti-Semitic, right-wing, tinfoil-hat militia groups, going back all the way to 1982, is the belief that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been building secret concentration camps all over America, including some with gas chambers. The movement gained steam when white separatists, who view the American government as the enemy, saw satellite images that they thought looked like North Korean concentration camps. According to James Meigs, of Popular Mechanics, it turned out that the most infamous “concentration camp” was an Amtrak repair facility in Beech Grove, Indiana. Still, the theory won’t die.

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