Fox News Hosts Deny That Trump Neglected To Bring Up Human Rights Abuses With Kim

After President Trump’s friendly visit with arguably the most oppressive and violent dictator of today’s world, many have criticized him for his relative disinterest in calling out Kim Jong Un’s atrocious human rights record.

On Tuesday, the hosts of Fox News’ Outnumbered discussed this issue. Co-host Jessica Tarlov broached the issue. She gently pointed out that perhaps the president missed an opportunity to address human rights violations with Kim.

She was rebuffed by her fellow co-hosts who were indignant with the suggestion that Trump was anything less than flawless in the meeting with Kim. Tarlov correctly remembered that former President Barack Obama was condemned for “even setting foot in Cuba.” Obama, unlike Trump, publicly held Castro to account for human rights abuses while the two met.

Co-host Harris Faulkner was shocked and appalled. She replied, “Wow, I think that was really jumping the shark.”

Melissa Francis reacted,  “They talked about human rights in the… ”

After a brief interjection from Faulkner, Francis continued saying, “I don’t think you watched the presser.” She continued, “They talked about human rights… I watched a press conference at 4 o’clock this morning and he said they talked about human rights and that they had that issue on the table. I don’t know what you watched.” Francis summed it up saying it must have just been an issue of time.

She said that Trump and Kim “would have been there all night” if they discussed human rights.

Of course, all the Fox News banter, except for Tarlov’s initial comments, neglects to acknowledge the fact that President Trump fawned over Kim. He showered Kim with praise and gushed about how smart and talented the ruthless dictator is.

Never one to miss an opportunity to turn all things towards himself, the president managed to evade any real answers about human rights issues when asked by reporters.

In fact, when asked by Greta Van Susteren what he would say to the people of North Korea, Trump touted himself and sounded more like a Kim Jong Un apologist than the leader of the free world.

Van Susteren said, “Because this is Voice of America, it will be heard in North Korea by the citizens of DPRK of North Korea. What do you want to say directly to the citizens of North Korea?”

Trump answered with the following statements:

“Well, I think you have somebody that has a great feeling for them. He wants to do right by them and we got along really well. We had a great chemistry — you understand how I feel about chemistry. It’s very important. I mean, I know people where there is no chemistry no matter what you do you just don’t have it. We had it right from the beginning, I talked about that and I think great things are going to happen for North Korea.”

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