BREAKING: Sources Say Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Will Likely Cooperate With Feds

On Wednesday, ABC News reported that sources close to Michael Cohen say he is likely to cooperate with federal prosecutors. The tip-off of the new development came via news that Cohen recently severed ties with lawyers Stephen Ryan and Todd Harrison.

So far, no formal charges have been filed against Michael Cohen, but according to public knowledgable of the case, the possible charges against the Trump attorney include bank fraud, wire fraud, and campaign finance violations.

It is speculated that Cohen’s alleged payout to adult film actress Stormy Daniels on Donald Trump’s behalf may have constituted a campaign finance violation, if the reason for the payment was to protect the future president from the political windfall surrounding the alleged affair.

Now, given that he’s abandoned his attorneys, it seems likely that Cohen will be cooperating with federal investigators, news of which is sure to rock the White House with its implications. Previously, the president had decried the FBI raid and subsequent seizure of documents as a violation of his attorney-client privilege with Michael Cohen. The raid was part of the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller into Russian interference during the 2016 presidential election.

In April, the president denounced the FBI’s tactics as part of a politically motivated “witch hunt” that was determined to remove him from the Oval Office via erroneous allegations.

“I have this witch hunt constantly going on for over 12 months now or longer,” Trump reportedly said to military advisors at the White House. “It’s an attack on our country in a true sense; it’s an attack on what we all stand for.”

The same week, President Trump declared over twitter that attorney-client privilege was dead in America.

Legal experts cited by The Washington Post noted the unusual nature of the raid on Michael Cohen’s home and office, saying that attorneys are usually dealt with more gracefully. Unless, of course, investigators believe there is a good chance the lawyer in question would destroy the evidence they need.

“A search warrant for a law office is extremely rare,” an New York University law professor told the Post. “Lawyers are given the courtesy of producing documents in response to a subpoena or a request unless the government believes a lawyer will destroy or conceal the objects of the search.”

Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that sources close to Cohen say that the former Trump fixer expects to be arrested soon.

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