A State Department Spokesperson Tried to Trash CNN On Twitter, And It Backfired Spectacularly

President Trump is in Singapore for his historic summit with North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. During this summit, the president will attempt to negotiate North Korean denuclearization with Kim. The president is in a Singapore fresh off a trip to Canada where he managed to further alienate the United States from other G7 allies.

Trump’s State Department Spokeswoman, Heather Nauret, is apparently in Singapore with her boss. In what may perhaps be an attempt to garner favor with the president, Nauret tried to troll CNN on Monday.

CNN is a favorite target of the president’s relentless attacks on the media. Nauret took a try at Twitter trolling CNN, but unfortunately for her, it seems to have backfired. She called the news network out and posted a picture of the president greeting people in Singapore, most of whom were children. She said that he was greeting “our dedicated embassy colleagues.”

Nauret tweeted, “Hey @cnn where was @Potus today? Meeting with his national security team and greeting our dedicated embassy colleagues from US Embassy Singapore! Without them, wouldn’t be possible.”

It did not take long for her troll fail to be called out on Twitter.

Timothy Smith replied, “Is the official spokesperson for the DOS seriously trying to troll a major media outlet? Do you actually think that is at-all appropriate for someone in your position to do over their official account? Is Shireen Dodson still the DOS ombudsman…?”

Phil Elliott of Time responded tweeting, “One possible explanation for lack of coverage of this event could be that it was closed to the press.”

John Infanti pointed out, “Our embassy is staffed by children?”

Deb Web made a similar observation, “So our embassy in Singapore is manned by schoolchildren? You people at the WH need to learn how to write a photo caption correctly. Or post appropriate pictures that actually illustrate your caption. One or the other. Get it together.”

On a more somber note, JoeVet responded, “The State Department is officially attacking the free press of the United States. Is there nothing less American than that? Heather Nauert, @statedeptspox, should be immediately fired.”

This is not Nauret’s only fail in recent days. Last week, she pointed to the D-Day invasion as an example of the United States’ long-standing good relationship with Germany. Of course, D-Day marks the United States’ defeat of Germany in World War II.

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