Trump Supporters Are Boycotting Cheesecake Factory, And You Will Never Believe Why…

Trump supporters are up in arms after a black man wearing a MAGA hat was verbally harassed in a Cheesecake Factory restaurant earlier this week in Miami. Now, conservatives like Ann Coulter, David Clarke and YouTube commentators Diamond and Silk are asking their supporters to boycott the establishment.

The conservative news outlet The Daily Wire was the first publication to break the story. They detail how Eugenior Joseph, the man wearing the MAGA hat, was harassed by employees who made threatening gestures and taunted him. One employee was apparently overheard saying, “I’m going to knock his head in so hard his hat’s going to come off.”

“Hey @jeffsessions,” Ann Coulter tweeted, “what would Eric Holder’s DOJ do to a company that allowed its employees to viciously attack a black man for wearing an ‘Obama’ hat?”

David Clarke, a sheriff from Wisconsin who frequently appears on Fox News to defend Donald Trump, tweeted, “Think Cheescake Factory will close all their stores for a day of race sensitivity training for EVERY EMPLOYEE at a cost of $16 million like Starbucks? Using the left’s warped logic, the fact that he’s a @realDonaldTrump supporter negates his blackness.”

In April, Starbucks said they would rollout racial sensitivity training to their staff nationwide after an incident involving two young, black men who were arrested after Starbucks staff called the police on them. The two men in question supposedly hadn’t ordered a drink and were waiting for an associate to arrive.

After Coulter and Clarke began tweeting about the story, legions of Trump supporters began using the hashtag #boycottcheesecakefactory to voice their defense of Joseph.

The Cheesecake Factory’s official Twitter account posted a statement in response, saying, “The recent incident in one of our Miami restaurants fell short of our standards, and we apologize to the guest and his family. Two individuals are no longer employed by the company, and we are continuing to investigate.”

In an attached image, the company notes that “not all of the information reported by the media accurately portrays what occurred,” and that a staff meeting that was going on near Joseph’s table during a shift break might have exacerbated the problem.


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