Melania Had A Boyfriend Before Trump, And He Was Much Different Than The President

Melania met Donald Trump at a party during New York Fashion Week in 1998. Afterward, the two started dating, with Melania allegedly gloating that she was now dating “a real man.”

Trump and Melania married in 2005, but their relationship was always depicted as less than ideal. Over the years, increasingly damning information about the alleged state of their marriage has been revealed.

Once Donald Trump announced his candidacy, Mother Jones reported on a 1999 interview bwithTrump and Howard Stern, describing the bit as “sex and harassment filled.”

More recently, multiple alleged affairs between Donald Trump and other women have come to light, furthering the notion that Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s relationships has not been all rainbows and butterflies.

But what about life before Donald? Who did Melania date? Well, according to Jure Zorcic, a Slovenian man who claims he met Melania (nee Melanija Knavs), the answer is him. In an interview with ABC, Zuric says that, in 1991, they were both in a city, he on a motorbike, she on foot. Zorcic describes the time of “the beginning of a new political era for us, the city was empty, blocked by the army.”

Recalling their alleged romance, Zorcic said one of the things that impressed him was Melania’s style, even going so far as to call one leather ensemble she wore “the most fashionable” outfit he’d ever laid eyes on. After their encounter, Melania reportedly agreed to get a coffee with him, and Zorcic claimed they spent a summer together, going on dates to the Croatian sea with friends.

However, Melania reportedly wanted to move away from Slovenia. “She wanted to live abroad in Italy, France, a life of fashion,” Zoric told ABC News. Shortly after their alleged romance, Melania moved to Paris and Milan, eventually ending up in New York in 1996. Of course, just two years later, she met now-President Donald Trump.

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