TruthGate Updates —- Death Threats & Requests For Protection

Under no circumstance do I intend to continue any work, or be of any assistance to, anyone — regarding the federal inquiries into criminality and/or foreign interference digitally (anything related to the election, or foreigners, ETC.) — What work I have done, I regret doing, as I have not only received death threats, but as recently as Monday May 21st receiving messaging indicating continued work will result in harm.

The May 21st threat was received in the presence of a professional bodyguard.

A previous incident, which involved a person coming within close proximity of my back door, was reported to the local Sheriff.

I have no intention of any continuing work — whatsoever. I am neither a benefit to investigators, nor a threat to anyone else.

What work I have done has been received by federal investigators. I have placed dozens if not hundreds of calls and emails to federal investigators requesting any form of protection.

I am currently under private protection, I will remain so for the duration of federal inquiries into this topic.

I am going to be killed if I continue to work on anything.

A professional bodyguard is currently protecting me.

A number of days ago technicians at ring determined someone was hiding behind an object (behind my back door).

Yesterday — Without touching my phone, through the speaker, an audio recording of my conversation w/ my bodyguard replayed.

“If I don’t walk away they’re going to kill me right” “Pretty much right” (bodyguard) — it was a recording through my Ring camera. Without touching my phone, it played the audio, while we sat there.

I am not doing any additional work — I came across something as a result of my work (I refuse to disclose what it is — I am not a threat to anyone…. I am out…. ). It caused me to delete all of my work. I am now receiving threats — through technology the FBI is unable to crack (Ring encryption) and having audio messages play through my iPhone (Hacking Apple level encryption) telling me to stop working or be killed. — I have no intention of continuing my work, helping anyone, being a threat to anyone, I am exiting. —— I am not a threat to anyone, I am no longer going to be a benefit to anyone, I do not want to be killed….. I will not make any contribution or commentary for the duration of this controversy, or after it.


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