Trump’s Gift For Melania’s 48th Birthday Is Even Sadder Than You Imagined

The president started today as he starts most days, by tuning in to “Fox & Friends.” However, this time he called into the show for an interview. Among conversations about his possible involvement with the Justice Department and his relationship with lawyer Michael Cohen, he mentioned that it was his wife’s birthday. As would be expected, the hosts asked Trump what he got Melania for her birthday.

The president responded, saying:

“Well, I better not get into that because I may get in trouble. Maybe I didn’t get her so much. I tell you what … I got her a beautiful card. I’m very busy to be running out looking for presents. I got her a beautiful card, beautiful flowers.”

Trump quickly rebounded by singing his wife’s praises. He praised Melania for the success of Tuesday’s state dinner, saying, “She did a fantastic job with France.” He continued discussing the event, heaping praise on French President Emmanuel Macron. Trump said, “I tell you what, the people of France are just, were spellbound by what happened, with their great president who just left, Emmanuel. And he is a wonderful guy.”

President Trump also tweeted his praise for Melania’s work. He tweeted, “FLOTUS did a spectacular job hosting the President of France Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte. Every detail was done to perfection. The State Dining Room never looked more beautiful, and Washington is abuzz over what an incredible job Melania did.”

Melania, who turned 48 today, seemed in her element on Tuesday. She oversaw all details of the state dinner. She, unlike her husband, gave a bipartisan nod to former first ladies Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush during the dinner. She used greens from the garden planted by Michelle Obama and used both the Bush (43) and Clinton china.

A notoriously private person, the first lady’s birthday plans are not known. She did, however, receive birthday wishes via Twitter from first daughter Ivanka, and apparently, a beautiful card and beautiful flowers.


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