Tap Dancing Group Does Expected Routine, And The Unbelievable Results Have Gone Viral

The humorously named group “Tap This!” has rocketed to fame over the past couple of years, thanks to their quick steps and unique style of dance.

The group that formed in 2011 hails from Nebraska, according to their Facebook page, has won four national championships with their hybrid dance style.

“Tap This! is a four-time national championship clogging team from Lincoln, Nebraska. The blending of different dance forms and percussive footwork gives a high energy performance that leaves audiences on their feet and wanting more. For five years, the fourteen member group has traveled the country performing on stages in front of thousands of people. Tap This! strives in showcasing talent from all over the nation by creating a variety show like you have never seen before.”

The group is a member of the Clogging Champions of America (CCA), an organization that has a history of not just competition but also prides itself on inclusiveness. Their official website states the following:

“Clogging Champions of America was formed in 1997 to generate more activity and interest in clogging and competition, to promote a spirit of fun and fellowship, and to make sure the beginner clogger will get to enjoy competing as much as the clogger who has been in it for years.”

“The goal of CCA is to create an atmosphere of spirited and sportsmanlike competition and to provide more opportunities for cloggers within the competitive and entertainment realms. Competition, CCA feels, is a healthy and entertaining part of clogging because it offers dancers the opportunity to travel to different locations – meeting new clogging friends, step sharing, and supporting each other competitively.”

CCA holds a competition every year for new cloggers to support them and create the spirit of sportsmanship. They hope that this will provide them with various opportunities and is also a way for cloggers to take trips to different places and meet new clogging buddies who share the same spirit.

While every competitive clogger puts hours of work into their routines, this group seems to have a special determination that gives them a leg up in competition. The patience that it takes to create every move in perfect synchronization is what sets Tap This! apart and gives them a competitive edge. It has also earned them the name of “The Worlds Clogging Team.”

While this group has done many impressive things, their most recent routine is the one that has made them a viral sensation. Instead of choosing a traditional tune to dance to, the group choose to go for the modern pop hit, “Honey I’m Good” by Andy Grammar.

If anyone had any doubt that the dancers were having an incredible amount of fun, one look at their faces makes it obvious that they’re doing what they love. It’s also easy to see why these dancers have won four national titles. Their tight synchronization makes it hard to look away from the gripping performance.

While many might have considered clogging and even tap dancing to be an antiquated art form, animated groups like this one might be poised to bring it back into popularity for this century.

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