Pro-Trump Boxer Wore ‘Border Wall’ Shorts To Indimidate Mexican Opponent…It Didn’t Go Very Well!

Mexican boxer Francisco Vargas became an unexpected hero over the weekend. It’s not simply that he beat his opponent (American boxer Rod Salka) it’s what Salka was wearing when Vargas embarrassed him in the ring.

In an apparent attempt to intimidate Vargas, Salka entered the ring wearing red and blue brick patterned shorts with the phrase “America 1st,” a clear reference to President Donald Trump’s Border Wall and one of Trump’s slogans. The tactic didn’t end well. According to Yahoo! Sports, Vargas spent the fight pummeling Salka “into submission.” In the sixth round, Vargas won with a technical knockout. He forced Salka back into his own corner, and after a near-knockout in the fifth round, Salka’s corner conceded defeat.

Salka was on a winning streak before that night.

However, Salka has lost a political match before, just in a much more literal sense. In 2016, he ran as a Republican for a seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives but lost to Democrat William Kortz by a significant margin.

During his campaign, he accused state lawmakers of not doing their jobs.  “The military taught me a great deal about urgency. You can’t just get around to things. They have to be done quickly and done well,” he said. “That’s the kind of urgency I want to bring to Harrisburg, where the current crew can’t get a budget passed,” Salka added. “It’s not enough to just show up. You have to do your job.”

After his humiliating defeat, while wearing pro-Trump shorts, Salka will probably have a hard time ever running for office again. This probably isn’t the image he wants his opponents to run again and again:

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