Michael Cohen’s Raid Could Cause The Fall Of Ivanka Trump

Despite nearly everyone involved in the 2016 Trump campaign being investigated for numerous reasons, so far, Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s favorite daughter and adviser, has avoided the ongoing probes. However, because of her high-level position in the Trump organization, she could get tangled up in the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

After the FBI raided Cohen’s offices and residencies, Trump was furious. On Sunday, before Monday’s hearing, the president’s legal team requested the right to review the seized documents.

The obtained documents most likely involve Trump’s business dealings because Cohen worked with Trump’s children in securing international deals for the Trump Organization. Trump has desperately tried to keep his business out of the Russia investigations, even declaring that Mueller would be crossing a “red line” if he investigated Trump’s finances. Mueller isn’t, but he did see something alarming enough in his investigation into Cohen to alert Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein.

However, the Trump Organization is more than “The Donald,” and Ivanka was one of the highest-ranked people there. She was also investigated before for allegedly misleading potential buyers for a project she was leading. While the case was dropped, the seized documents may include information about the business deals that almost led to Ivanka being charged with a felony.

According to The New Yorker, in collaboration with ProPublica and WNYC, Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. exchanged emails discussing how they could inflate their sales numbers to potential buyers in order to make their properties more desirable. But the Manhattan district attorney dropped the case when Trump’s lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, intervened. As it turns out, Kasowitz had donated to the district attorney’s re-election campaign.

Then there’s Ivanka’s trouble with the Malaysian company that owns Trump Tower Vancouver. Ivanka played a key role in licensing the Trump name and brand to Malaysian developer Joo Kim Tiah. The timing of the deal, and some of the particulars, almost cost Ivanka her security clearance.

But what might be most damning for Ivanka is her work in getting a licensing deal for a Trump Hotel in Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. The country is already rife with corruption, but the oligarch who worked with the Trumps was, by Azerbaijan’s standards, incredibly corrupt. According to The New Yorker, the oligarch had connections to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. The project was never finished, but Ivanka’s Instagram stories showing construction still do.

Any one of these three cases could spell disaster for Ivanka and President Trump. And while these documents are unlikely to involve Russia (if they did, Mueller would have carried out the raid), there is apparently enough to make a Trump-appointed judge approve the search and seizure.

Ivanka may have avoided legal scrutiny since joining the administration, but those days might soon be over.

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