Interior Dept. Considered Spending $200K For Flagpoles To Fly Sec. Ryan Zinke’s Flag

Members of President Donald Trump’s administration have blatantly abused taxpayers since the beginning of his term, but even with how much they spent, they still didn’t get everything they wanted. In the case of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, he wanted to set up four flag poles outside the main Interior Department building in Washington, D.C. so that he could fly his personal flags.

The Interior Department calculated estimates for the cost of the installation, which turned out to go as high as $200,000.  The department decided against the new poles, especially since the building already had three flag poles on the top of the building. They did approve the purchase of three new flags, each costing $189.50, from the National Flag Company.

If approved, the four large flagpoles would have been placed in two Washington, D.C. parks located close to the entrance of the building. According to Office of Facilities and Administrative Services Director Joseph Nassar, the larger flagpoles would have “compromised” the existing ones.

“The parks are the recommended choice because if we installed poles closer to the building (e.g., landscape beds or near steps), the flags would smack up against the building when it is windy,” Nassar wrote in an email released by the Interior.

Zinke drew media attention before for his strange flag requirements. When he is in the building, he signifies his presence by having a special flag flown for him. Apparently, this is because he is a former Navy SEAL and wanted to bring honor and tradition to the department.

“Secretary Zinke has a deep respect for tradition. Since his confirmation, the Secretary has made a concerted effort to uphold, and in this case, revive long-held traditions at Interior,” spokeswoman Heather Swift told The Hill.

It’s a strange request, but for the Trump Administration, it’s relatively quaint.

Cyrus Massoumi
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