Gun Rights Activists March In Response To Parkland’s ‘March For Our Lives,’ It Doesn’t Go Very Well…

Last month, more than two million people protested gun violence in 9 out of 10 voting districts across the country. In response to the huge turnouts, gun rights activists had their own marches yesterday, but the crowds they drew were nowhere near as substantial, The Daily Beast reports.

Boston police estimated that some 90,000 people marched through the Massachusetts capital in the anti-gun protest last month. Comparatively, according to the Beast, “less than one hundred” protesters showed up for the gun rights rally yesterday outside the Massachusetts State House, located in downtown Boston.

Pro-gun activists proved more reactionary and radical in their politics than their more numerous counterparts on the left. One protester was quoted as saying, “The Second Amendment in my opinion and the opinion of many is for killing tyrants! It’s about defending this country and these people and this land against an overly aggressive government. It’s about time we start talking this way.”

Many of the protesters across the country carried rifles, pistols, and ammunition. Photos from a story on ABC News shows some protesters waving the Gadsden flag, a flag carried by soldiers in the revolutionary war that bears a rattlesnake along with the words “Don’t Tread On Me,” matching the rebellious spirit of the protester quoted above. The Gadsden flag was appropriated as a symbol of the Tea Party movement as early as 2009 and has since accumulated a meaning that stretches beyond its historical origins.

The conflation between patriotic representation and political activism is a sticking point of the pro-gun rights movement. “We’re here to support the second amendment,” another protester told The Daily Beast. Some activist groups refer to themselves as Three Percenters, a nod to the alleged statistic that only 3% of the colonial population participated in the revolutionary war against the British. However, in a modern context, the name could just as well serve as a reminder of their crowd sizes compared to activists on the left.


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