Trump’s Favorite Fox News Host Divorcing His Wife After Cheating On Her With Fellow Fox Employee

According to The New York Daily News, Fox News’ Jesse Watters is getting a divorce from his wife, which is apparently happening in connection with an affair with someone who used to work on his show.

New York Daily News says that Noelle Watters, the Fox host’s spouse of nine years, filed for divorce back in October. The report states that shortly after Mrs. Watters filed the divorce papers, Watters told network officials that he was having an affair with associate producer Emma DiGiovine.

A Fox spokesperson offered this statement to NYDN:

“Within 24 hours of Jesse Watters voluntarily reporting to the Chief of Human Resources in November 2017 that he was in a consensual relationship with a woman on his staff, management met with both parties and a decision was made for the woman to be transferred to work on another program on the network where she currently remains.”

Watters married Noelle Inguagiato in 2009. They also met on the job at Fox News.

He was working for Bill O’Reilly’s show and she worked for the advertising and promotions department and was the host of a web show called iMag Style.

In 2011, the couple had a pair of twin daughters. Noelle never returned from maternity leave, while Watters’ star rose at Fox News.

Attorneys for both Noelle and Jesse Watters did not comment to the Daily News, and a woman at DiGiovine’s New Jersey home declined to comment.

Known for his brash, macho and sometimes obnoxious style, Watters hosted a segment on the O’Reilly Factor that combined man-on-the street with ambush journalism.

The segment, Watters’ World, was spun out into a weekly show in January 2017. It airs at 8pm on Saturdays, combining humor and political news in a fresh slant aimed at a younger audience.

When O’Reilly was ousted from the network in April 2017, over revelations that he’d secretly settled numerous sexual harassment suits, Watters also replaced Eric Bolling on The Five. Bolling himself was ousted in September over sexual harassment allegations.

Watters is said to be a favorite cable news personality of Donald Trump and even dined with the commander-in-chief on Monday.

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