Trump Has Dementia Moment During Meeting On School Shootings, ‘I Don’t Know What That Means’

President Trump has a hard time staying focused on any particular task. In the past, he’s wandered off from signing executive orders and interviews with foreign diplomats. Often, you can see when he’s losing interest. And on Thursday, he could barely even sit still while listening to a topic that really bores him: school safety.

During a televised discussion on school shooting prevention held at the White House, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill described some of the measures his state takes to minimize potential loss of life if a mass shooting starts at a school. For instance, teachers have special keys that can immediately lockdown a classroom, making it harder for the shooter to pick targets.

“We also have countermeasures that can be employed by the sheriff’s department within seconds to contain the attacker and in a sense turn the attack on them,” Hill said. “That is a critical piece.”

Trump, who has already started fidgeting at this point, bickered to Hill. “I just don’t know what that means,” he said. “Honestly, I don’t know what that means.”

Hill attempted to explain it to the 71-year-old leader of the free world.

“If you are in a hallway, with an active shooter in a hall, and he’s going around looking for targets, you got the doors locked, and somebody is monitoring and, for example, they have smoke canisters that can come in and blind to shooter, which distracts them,” he said. “That gives time and, you know, that critical time when he is allowed looking for targets.”

Trump still couldn’t grasp the simple concept of locking doors and distracting the shooter. “In the meantime, he’s shooting everybody, though,” the president said.

“Well, in this particular school, they’re locked down,” Hill patiently explained.

While Hill continues, Trump crosses his arms, rocks back and forth, and makes faces. In the end, he just rambles for a minute, still missing Hill’s point.

“We really do have to have offensive measures also. I know people don’t like talking about it.”

Except that Hill’s plan uses both offensive and defensive. Arming security at the school and implementing lockdown procedures is both offensive and defensive.

‘If we don’t have offensive measures within these schools, you’re just kidding yourselves, folks, you’re just kidding yourselves…and…if the offensive measures are strong and solid, you’re going to stop the problem.”

He’s like a kid that fell asleep in class and woke up when the teacher called on him to answer a question.

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