Trump Claims He Can Fix Infrastructure Because He Once Built An Ice Rink So Ivanka Could Skate

What does it take to be qualified to lead the nation in repairing its crumbling infrastructure? According to Trump, you just need to have built an ice rink.

During a White House event on Monday, Trump told reporters that building Central Park ice rink in Manhattan qualified him to make massive decisions about America’s roadways, while justifying the use of private contractors to complete the jobs.

And, as always, he spent a good amount of time bragging about himself. In this case, he was very proud that he built Ivanka Trump an ice rink.

“We’re going to have great companies investing and building, and they build for you, ’cause sometimes the states aren’t able to do it like we can do it, or like other people can do it, or like I used to do it,” he started, and then launched into a self-aggrandizing rant.

“When I did the Wollman Rink, it was seven years, they couldn’t get it built, it would’ve been forever, they couldn’t get it built, and I did it in a few months at a much smaller price,” Trump said.

“It took many years and they were unable to open it, and I said, you know, I’d like to be able to have my daughter Ivanka, who is with us, I’d like to be able to have her have ice skating sometime before she doesn’t want to ice skate, and I got involved, and we did it in a few months, and we did it for a tiny fraction, a tiny fraction of the cost, and it’s really no different with a roadway or tunnel or any of the things that we’ll be fixing,” he said.

It’s a nice frozen pond he invested in–but it’s not several million miles of roads and bridges and “things” that all numerous issues.


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