Texas Man Is Kicked Out Of Restaurant Over ‘F*ck Trump’ T-Shirt, His Response Is PERFECT!!

Andy Ternay is an American Hero, standing up for his right to free speech. And what he really wants to say is “F*ck Trump And F*ck You For Voting For Him.” The message adorned his t-shirt as he went out for breakfast on Sunday morning in Garland, Texas.

But conservative snowflakes just couldn’t handle Ternay invading their safe space with his 1st Amendment rights strapped to his chest. They complained to the manager, who asked Ternay to leave.

“I expressed deep sympathies and let her know that explaining “grab ‘em by the pussy” and golden showers to my daughter was equally unpleasant,” he said on his FaceBook page.

The Trump supporters weren’t pleased with his response, and called the police to have him removed. But Ternay carried his fight to social media, stating,  “Challenge authoritarianism anywhere and everywhere … otherwise, it wins.”

“Everywhere I go with this shirt, white males sneer and people of color smile and give me thumbs up,” he writes. “I think it is very worthwhile to let people of color know they are not alone – that some whites also see the evil of racism is resurgent – and we will fight with our brothers and sisters of color against it.”

He also says that “A Latino woman checking me out tells me she loves my shirt and I thanked her.”

Conservatives can’t handle even the slightest criticism against President Trump, but when the man they elected tweets or yells in a rally something sexist or racist, they say liberals are too sensitive.

Somewhere along the way, they confused taking a stand with being thin-skinned, and being overly sensitive with being patriotic.

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