Teen Shot By Florida School Shooter Blasts Trump For His Pathetic Condolence Call, ‘A Sick Puppy’

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student Samantha Fuentes hasn’t attended any of the anti-gun violence rallies in the past ten days yet–she was recovering in the hospital after being shot in the legs by her former classmate Nicholas Cruz. But that didn’t stop her from speaking out against President Trump.

While she recovered, Trump called her in the hospital, and his inability to empathize was so horrible, that Samantha came out feeling worse.

“He said he heard that I was a big fan of his, and then he said, ‘I’m a big fan of yours too.’ I’m pretty sure he made that up,” she said in an interview after being discharged from the hospital. “Talking to the president, I’ve never been so unimpressed by a person in my life. He didn’t make me feel better in the slightest.”

Samantha recalled how Trump called Cruz a “sick puppy” and exclaimed, “‘Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy’ like, seven times.”

This complete disconnect to the victims was on full display during Trump’s “listening” session, where he had notes, apparently written by Hope Hicks, reminding him to say “I hear you.”

MSDHS student Samuel Zeif, who attended the listening session, was furious even before he saw the pictures of the notecard. He gave a tearful statement to Trump, who just sat with his arms crossed.

“Everything I said was directly from the heart, and he had to write down ‘I hear you,’” Samuel said. “Half the time during that meeting, his arms were crossed — I kept wanting to say, ‘Mr. President, uncross your arms.’ To me, that is the international sign for closemindedness; it’s really just a big ‘no.’”

“He may have heard us, but he’s never going to feel what we feel, because his kids are protected by the people that came to save me and my classmates that day,” he added.

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