Pamela Geller Shares Anti-Muslim Video That Is Such An Obvious Hoax You Can See Its Film Crew

Last week, anti-Muslim political commentator Pamela Gellar shared a video on her YouTube page and then on Monday in her newsletter, as well as on her website, that she claims shows Muslim migrants violently destroying a car in Italy.

But she might have wanted to check the video a little more carefully, as it was actually raw footage for an independent Italian film called Mediterranea. As Media Matters reports:

The video, in reality, is an amateur recording of an Italian film shooting. The drama Mediterranea chronicles two friends from Burkina Faso who experience hostility after immigrating to Italy. The allegation that the video depicts Italian migrants engaged in a criminal act has been debunked since as early as 2014, by Italian, French, and German language websites. (A directional microphone and light-diffusion panel are also visible in the frame, though Geller seemed not to have noticed them.) As of this writing, the video has over 5,000 views.

The movie itself got four stars from Roger Ebert, who describes the film as the European equivalent to Black Lives Matter:

Where “Black Lives Matter” has become a rallying cry in the U.S., Jonas Carpignano’s sharply crafted “Mediterranea” voices a counterpart for African immigrants in southern Italy: “Stop shooting blacks!” That chant emerges at the dramatic apex of the multi-nationally funded feature, which otherwise offers a deliberately muted, finely textured account of the ordeals many Africans endure both before and after voyages to Europe in search of better lives.

In the trailer, you can see the finished footage around the 1:35 mark:

This is even lazier than when President Trump retweeted the fake videos depicting “Muslim violence” from a Brittish white supremacist group.

She also deleted the video from her YouTube page, but not from her website.

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