Jimmy Kimmel Introduced Trump Supporters To A DACA Family…And Their Behavior Was HORRIBLE

On Jimmy Kimmel’s Tuesday night show, following President Trump’s first State of the Union address, the late-night host introduced Trump supporters to DACA recipients. It didn’t go well.

“There’s almost 700,000 people called dreamers in the United States,” Kimmel reminded viewers. “These are young adults who are brought to this country as children; many of them could face deportation if DACA isn’t renewed. The deadline for DACA is March 5.”

Kimmel noted that a “vast majority” of Americans support DACA, “but all of a sudden it’s becoming a polarizing issue; it’s become a bargaining chip for this stupid wall he wants to build,” he said. “So we found some Americans who are very adamant, they do not support DACA, and I introduced them to a real family whose future relies on it, to see if we could bring people together by bringing them face to face.”

In the segment, “MAGA vs. DACA,” Kimmel briefly interviewed a few conservatives who were staunchly against DACA. Their reasons were callous: Dreamers are illegal immigrants; they should have sought a path to citizenship (that isn’t available); they should take their “skill sets” to their own countries (countries they’ve never known); and most heartless of all, America shouldn’t be responsible for their parents’ mistakes.

Then Kimmel introduced them to Esmeralda, a DACA recipient who was brought to the U.S. from Mexico City when she was two years old. She also brought her young daughter, Rose. Kimmell asked her a series of questions that one by one dismantled all the usual myths racist conservatives have about immigrants. Esmeralda has a job, a Social Security card, pays taxes, and is studying to become a nurse.

Kimmel turned back to the Trump supporters and asked, after learning more about Esmerelda, do they still think she should be sent back to Mexico?


Half of them passionately believed that they should.

So Kimmel brought out Esmerelda’s fiancé, Michael. He’s an American-born conservative who works in a maximum-security prison. He also serves in the military. Kimmel told the group that Michael was going to be deployed soon, and that it’s making the status of DACA more pertinent to them, especially for their daughter.

But Trumpsters didn’t care. One person told them to get an immigration attorney—which they already have. Another said to go back to Mexico and apply for a green card—Esmerelda already looked into it. The process could take up to 10 years if it works.

One conservative woman dared say that, regardless of how she wants to jeopardize Esmerelda’s family, “we live in a loving, compassionate, exceptional country.”

“I think this country has become cruel,” Kimmel replied. “Where is your compassion?”

Conservatives no longer know the definition of the word.

Nothing the Serviceman, Kimmell, or Esmerelda said would sway them. They just kept yelling that she should be deported.

Watch the entire travesty below.

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