GOP Candidate Tweets The Most Disgusting Racist Tweet About Meghan Markle, Gets What He Deserves

Last weekend, GOP candidate postest a racist tweet about Prince Harry’s fiancè Meghan Markle that drew such serious criticism that Twitter suspended Nehlen’s account over it. Permanently.

In a statement to Newsweek, a Twitter official said: “While we normally do not comment on individual accounts, I can confirm that we have permanently suspended this account for repeated violations of our terms of service.”

The original Tweet superimposed an image of “Cheddar Man,” a prehistoric man that lived 10,000 years ago and is Britain’s oldest complete skeleton. Scientists concluded that he would have had dark skin. Because Nehlen’s account is suspended, the original Tweet is hidden.

But the internet never forgets.

After the tweet was condemned by many (and liked by far too many), Nehlen defended the post with more racist vitriol.

On Facebook, Nehlen referenced Twitter’s suspension with #ShallNotCensor. Meanwhile, on Twitter, some of Nehlen’s sympathizers began changing their profile pictures to photos of him,  like this user:

One person who passionately defended Marle was her Suits co-star Patrick J Adams:

Nehlen’s suspension is significant for another reason, however. As Sleeping Giants points out, Twitter might be seeing advertisers leave the platform, the same way they did to Bill O’Reilly before he was fired, and how several advertisers dropped from Sean Hannity’s show.

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