Trump Whines About Government Shutdown, Shutdown Fight Could ‘Make Me Miss My Party’

As of midnight, the government shut down. Thousands of Americans may not get the services they desperately need, including many of the people who voted for President Trump—who didn’t really seem to care about the issue. As Chuck Schumer said in his address to the Senate, Trump gave the Republicans no guidance on the issue. But now, Trump cares a lot. Nor the American people, of course. He’s angry that he might not be able to go to his inauguration anniversary party and campaign fundraiser happening on Saturday night at Mar-a-Lago.

Two sources close to the president told the Daily Beast that he was excited about the event, but worried that the government would keep him from “my party.”

For the past week, the Trump met with both Democrats and Republicans as everyone tried to find a bipartisan solution. And two were presented, but Trump said no to both. Now he’s upset because he’ll miss his big party, like a teenage girl who can’t make it to her own sweet 16th birthday.

Earlier this week, another source told The Daily Beast that Trump joked that it would be a “shame” if the government shutdown happened on the anniversary of his inauguration.

The real shame is that we have a President who refused to work with the Democrats while he left his Republican colleagues with absolutely no direction.

And to make it even better, there will also be massive women’s marches all over America on the anniversary of his inauguration. Including Washington DC, which he can’t leave because he caused a shutdown.

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