Trump-Supporting Pastor Rick Joyner Says Donald Trump Might Be ‘The Most Brilliant Person I’ve Ever Met’

When Right-wing pastor Rick Joyner went to see Darkest Hour, the new film about Winston Churchill, he came out with an odd realization: Trump and Churchill are nearly the same person. He posted a video where he called Trump “the most brilliant person I’ve ever met.”

Unlike most Americans, Joyner also isn’t disturbed by Trump’s vulgarity and lack of basic human decency because “what he is accomplishing is what should be [considered] presidential … and he’s accomplishing some of the most amazing things ever.”

“He is really caustic,” Joyner said. “He will hit back at everybody—I’m talking about Donald Trump—he is very much like Churchill. Churchill was brilliant, and I’ll tell you this about Donald Trump: He’s not a man of study and research and reading and writing—in many ways they don’t compare—but I’ve met a lot of brilliant people in my life, some of the most brilliant in just about every field … When I met Donald Trump, I was only in his office—I don’t know, we might have been there talking for an hour—but in just a few minutes, I understood this guy is unbelievably brilliant. He may be the most brilliant person I’ve ever met.”

Trump’s character is nothing like Churchill. Churchill protected people who needed it the most, defended the arts, and had actual political and military experience. Trump has no experience in either, he has no affinity for the arts, and he hates anyone who isn’t white, wealthy, and male. Churchill might not have been perfect, but to compare him to Trump is disgraceful.


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