Republican Shamefully Defends Trump’s Racism, ‘He’s Saying What People Are Thinking’

Yesterday, President Trump said something so vulgar and racist that Washington is still reeling from the pushback, especially as Trump signed the Martin Luther King Jr Day proclamation. When discussing immigration, he called Haiti, El Salvador, and many other minority countries “shitholes”—and then asked why we can’t get more Norwegians (read: white people) instead.

And of course, Republicans are trying to find ways to defend the president without aligning with him. Except for Rep. Jim. Renacci. He’s all in on the “shithole” statement, saying he thinks “a lot like the president.”

During an interview on Fox News with Brian Limeade, Renacci implied that because Trump’s blatant racism reflects what some Americans might think, it’s perfectly fine for the President of the United States to call a country a “shithole.” He goes on to say people are being “unfair” for judging Trump based on “what he says.”

KILMEADE: The president’s comments yesterday bother you? He’s frustrated. He lamented about the immigration program in front of him. He says, “Whey are we taking so many people from these s-hole countries?” What’s your reaction to that?

RENACCI: Well look. I’ve said all along the president many times says that people are thinking. I learned as a business guy, you have to be careful what you say because people pick everything up. Believe me I’ve learned that when I have a mic on I have to watch what I say. That’s a business guy going into a political career. It’s difficult and I know it’s difficult for the president because in many times you wan to say what you’re thinking. But in the end I know a lot times he’s saying what people are thinking. So look, I always say judge a president after four years. Let’s judge a president after what we’ve done, let’s not judge a president on what he says.

And The Fox News Channel can’t seem to defend Trump enough:

In the meantime, Renacci is tieing his raft to Trump’s sinking ship. On Thursday, Renacci announced, “Earlier this week I was asked to attend a meeting at the White House, at which I was asked to help protect the future of President Trump’s agenda by entering Ohio’s 2018 race for the United States Senate.”

He added, “One of the things I’ve been told is that I have the full support of the president and the vice president.”

Looks like Ohio is getting another Democrat!


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