Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro Stalks Around Chappaqua New York Woods ‘Looking’ For Hillary Clinton

The woods host many mythological creatures. Unicorns. Big Foot. Dragons. Elves and Fairies. But there is one legendary being that has eluded man for just over a year now. Hillary Clinton-and Jeanine Pirro is out to find her.

The Fox News Host shared a promo outside the forests of Chappaqua, NY, where she was “looking” for the former secretary of state for her new “Street Justice” episode.

“Here I am in front of the woods in Chappaqua, looking for Hillary!” Pirro says. “Do you think I’ll find her?”

This isn’t pandering at all, is it? It’s been one year since Trump’s inauguration, and Fox News is still obsessed with Clinton. As the government was about to collapse, Pirro was going on a fake search for Clinton in the woods.

While some of her followers ate it up, others just mocked her absurdity.

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