Donald Trump Was Just Busted For Forging His ‘Exceptional’ Doctor’s Note

President Trump just had his medical exam, something many Americans were waiting to hear about. There was a hope that the cheeseburger-in-bed-commander would be found too unhealthy to continue in office. But the note came back, and the physician stated that it went “exceptionally well” and that Trump is “in excellent health.”

But hold your cheeseburgers, because, like most things Trump, something is a little off here.

On Friday, Rachel Maddow pointed out that the person who signed the letter might not be White House physician Ronny Jackson. The statement was signed Dr. Ronnie Jackson.
It’s also not how the real Ronny signs his name. In fact, most medical professionals don’t write “Dr.” but write, for example, “Ronny Jackson, MD, FAAEM.” They follow their names with their degrees. Think of it like this: House, MD is a doctor. Dr. Phil is not a doctor.

So, did Jackson forget how to spell his own name—in which case, should he even be the White House physician anymore? And if it wasn’t him, if the White House released a fake letter—why? Were they upset with the results, or surprised that Mr. Bucket-of-KFC has health issues?

We might find out soon, though. Jackson is going to have a press conference on Tuesday to answer questions about the President’s health. Hopefully, he’ll explain how actually signed the letter.

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