Deputy White House Press Secretary Calls Donald Trump A ‘Real-Life Superman’

Saturday morning everyone woke up to a federal government that has been shut down. Since Donald Trump is the president, this shut down is on him. But according to the White House, the shutdown is the Democrats fault, and Trump is a superhero trying to save us all.

White House Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley appeared on Trump’s favorite program Saturday morning to provide the White House’s take on the situation.

Fox & Friends co-host Pete Hegseth introduce Gidley on the program by reading a statement issued by Democrats that said the shutdown was the result of a failure of leadership by Republicans and the president. The statement also slammed the GOP for recently passing a “massive tax break” for their “wealthy donors.” Hegseth asked the White House spokesperson where the Democrats were going with this by claiming “this is all about greed.”

“Nobody is buying that — look you guys are sitting with a former TV Superman in Dean Cain,” Gidley responded while referencing co-host Cain’s past television role. “I’m working for a real-life Superman over my shoulder in Donald Trump.”

He added, “He stood up to the American people last night. He did not bend. He did not break.”

Gidley went on to state that Democrats played politics with people’s lives and that they don’t want a solution for anything, saying that the party just wants to run against the president.


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