Nobel Winning Economist Paul Krugman Declares WAR On Trump And The Entire GOP

Nearly every economist in the country tried to warn Americans and legislators about the dangerous consequences of the Republican tax bill, which would only benefit the super-rich. One of those economists is Nobel Prize winner and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman. On Sunday, Krugman went on Twitter to call out the Republicans, and essentially declare war on them.

That sound? It’s the gauntlet being hitting the ground.

Same as many Americans think right now. All the Republicans that saved the country from the disastrous health care bill failed to show up this time.

He’s about to crush the hopes and dreams of everyone with that “but.”

Further proof that system really is rigged—for Republicans to stay in power and turn America into a one-party state, regardless of our vote.

As bleak as his vision is, he does offer some hope—immediately followed by more despair.

2018 will be one of the most important election years in the nation’s history, made even more remarkable considering it’s not a Presidential election. Hopefully, we will see a massive surge in Democratic votes, and if not, maybe the Republican-held Congress really will finally impeach Trump and lock him up. But Krugman’s right—we’re on the edge, and the abyss is looking right up at us.

Nicole James
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Nicole James is a lifelong Democrat and political activist who first cut her teeth as a teenager volunteering for Mike Dukakis’ presidential campaign. She has worked and volunteered for John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, HFA (Hillary For America) and Organizing For Action. She’s passionate about liberal and progressive causes, and considers President Obama her most favorite president ever. She holds her Bachelor’s from Boston College and her Master’s from Columbia University, both in Economics. When not working as a writer, she enjoys traveling and spending time with her three teenagers.

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