Kellyanne Conway Wants You To Thank Her For Starting The Conversation About Sexual Harassment

Kellyanne Conway, the alternative facts queen for America’s alternative to a president, Donald Trump, went on Fox News today to somehow make herself the hero of all the sexual harassment revelations bombarding politics and Hollywood lately. But first, she made sure to remind everyone just how stupid the Trump administration is.

Then came the question many people are asking: why hasn’t Trump commented on Roy Moore’s sexual allegation issues? Even Fox thinks that’s a little weird. Kellyanne’s response? He was in Asia. Maybe in Asia, he couldn’t figure out how to tweet just once on the subject.

But then she went right for the brag. After the hosts brought up that Ivanka Trump spoke up and said “there’s a special place in hell” for people like Moore and that she “has no reason to doubt” the allegations, Kellyanne seemed…jealous? She said (emphasis added):

I would like to say that I was the first person in the administration last Thursday when this news broke, I happened to be interviewed on a different network at the time, to come out against conduct as it was described, and I went a step further. I said—and I tried to make this an issue over a year ago on October 9th, 2016, when I talked about maybe when I was younger and prettier, folks on Capitol Hill behaving in such a way that we should take a look at it fresh—and I’m so glad that women on the left, particularly on Capitol Hill are now coming forward and now want to have hearings and are swearing under oath and getting people to come forward. That’s great. I tried to do it 13 months ago, nobody wanted to listen to me because of the campaign I was managing. This is an important topic, but in terms of this particular issue and this particular Senate race, I will not get ahead of the President and anything he wishes to add.

October 9th…what was happening on October 9th, 2016 about sexual harassment that she would need to appear on Fox News for…

Right—a tape was released with the presidential candidate of the campaign she was managing saying that he walks up to women and “grabs them by the pussy.” So, she brought up the issues of sexual harassment while trying to convince everyone that Trump’s remarks were “locker room talk,” and now, suddenly, she’s always spoken up? Does she think she started the conversation because she was on the wrong side of it?

Here is the entire interview:

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