Jared And Ivanka Refuse To Leave Washington, DC – Even Though No One Wants Them There

After falling on different sides of supporting a child molester, with Ivanka saying Roy Moore is despicable and Donald Trump supporting him, Trump seems to want them to leave D.C. But even though there are reports of White House staffers telling her and her husband Jared Kushner, both advisers to President Trump, to get out of the nation’s capital, the power couple are instead looking to buy a house.

“We’re here to stay. At the current moment, we’re charging forward,” Kushner told The Washington Post in a profile published Saturday.

“My wife asked me the other day if we should be looking at new houses, so that’s a good sign,” he added.

Since taking supporting roles in Trump’s White House, Kushner and Ivanka rented a home for the last six months as they decided where to live.  They’ve also been enmeshed in both White House operations and scandals. And Special Counselor Bob Mueller is closing in on Kushner in the ongoing Russian Meddling investigation.

And Trump is tired of having his slightly less conservative daughter around. He told Ivanka, in front of staffers, that he feared her getting killed” in the press and getting “a bad deal” in D.C., according to a Politico report in September.

In the meantime, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly is shrinking Kushner’s role, and, according to  The Times, ditching them in 2018. Of course, Trump and Kelly have both denied this, but with the rotating door of the Trump Administration, they’ll probably be out one way or another.

Nicole James
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