GOP Rushing To Make A Secret Tax Deal Before Alabama Seats Its New Democratic Senator

Doug Jones’ senatorial win in Alabama Tuesday night sent shockwaves throughout the political establishment. With the Senate now split 49/51, Republicans can’t afford to lose more than two votes (Mike Pence breaks a 50/50 split). With the Republican tax bill going through reconciliation between Congress and Senate, the GOP is in panic mode to get the bill passed before the holidays, and have come to some kind of secret agreement.

There’s no way of knowing what terrible provisions are in the bill, from taxing graduate students to ending deductions middle-class workers rely on, to trying a backdoor repeal of Obamacare, the Republicans aren’t letting anyone know what the bill looks like.

And this is infuriating Democrats.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is insisting that the vote is held off until Doug Jones is sworn in, giving the people of Alabama a voice they don’t currently have. Ron WydenElizabeth WarrenKamala Harris, and Chris Van Hollen all echoed Schumer’s demand.

This is something the Republicans demanded in 2010, when Scott Brown won the Massachusetts election. However, the Democrats actually listened and delayed the Obamacare vote, which already wasn’t being rushed through like the GOP Tax bill is being handled.

But Senator Susan Collins, who called for a hold on the Obamacare vote, now says that she doesn’t “think an election should drive the timetable.”

However, when it came to a Supreme Court Justice nomination, the Republicans waited almost an entire year and for a new president.

But they know that their tax break for the rich won’t pass unless they get every single Republican on board. Maybe that’s why they’re trying to get Doug Jones to switch parties.

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