Alabama Pastor Says Moore Won’t Concede Because ‘He Can’t Believe God Would Let A Democrat Win’

Roy Moore lost the Alabama Senate race. But Moore isn’t quite ready to concede yet, even though Doug Jones has a significant enough win, even by just 1.5%, that it doesn’t warrant an automatic recount. So why hasn’t Moore accepted defeat?
That’s what Elaina Plott, an Alabama evangelical Christian writer for the Washingtonian, explained in a series of tweets. As she described, Moore put his trust in God, believing He would deliver Moore an easy victory. When that didn’t happen, it broke Moore’s understanding of what God does.

Plott’s explanation speaks to a major disturbance in the Conservative Christian community. For decades, they were taught (or maybe brainwashed) to believe that Republican = God’s Party. And President Trump’s 2016 victory only bolstered that belief. Their support of Trump was always baffling. Even if everything they say about the Clintons is true (minus Pizzagate—that’s a bit too ridiculous), how could a Christian say that a sexually abusive, cheating, racist, anti-Semite is a more Christian option over a woman who forgave her husband for cheating on her?

With Moore’s loss, in such a deep red state, is a shock to their system. And Moore can’t handle the idea that God wasn’t on his side.

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