Donald Trump Supporters Say He’s Still Their Guy Because ‘At Least He’s White’

Right now, President Trump’s approval rating is around 36%–the lowest for any President since polling began. Besides his terrible leadership, there’s also the issue of the Russia Investigation, in which Trump seems to want to be indicted for.

However, among his voters, Trump is still going strong. 89% of his voters say they would vote for him again, according to a recent Occidental Public Polling survey.

Trump has trained his voters well. When OPP asked Trump voters about the President’s scandals and legal issues, they responded that it was all “fake news.” And then there’s also the other thing Trump voters love—bigotry. “Bob” from Arizona declared that he liked Trump because “at least we have a real American, white guy back in charge.”

As Jason Johnson, a writer for the Root, said, Trump voters believe that the President will return the country to time that no longer exists.

“This is why poll after poll shows supporters sticking with Trump no matter how many times he fails or completely betrays his policy promises. They never expected him to change anything, and they never will. All they need to know is that he drives liberals crazy (and to them, “liberals” are anyone who isn’t a Trump supporter), that he’s white and male, and doesn’t challenge Americans to grow up and change,” said Johnson.

Trump voters don’t want an older version of America—they want an America that is ethnocentric and undemocratic.

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