Trump Supporter Taught 4-Year-Old Son To Hurl N-Word At Black 70-Year-Old Neighbor In Months-Long Harassment Campaign

Cleaveland Trump supporter Keirian Kelly has a problem with his 70-year-old neighbor—she’s black. And this poor woman has had to put up with quite a lot of harassment from the 28-year-old white male. He’s repeatedly threatened to stab her, he regularly hurls racial insults at her, and has even spit on her. But one the most horrible things Kelly did was teaching his 4-year-old son to call the elderly black woman the N-Word.

The harassment started in July when the woman accidentally bumped into Kelly’s wife. An argument began between the three adults, but though Kelly’s wife calmed down, Kelly did not. He beat his chest, threatened to stab her, and called her “n****r.”

A security guard placed him in handcuffs and called the police, but after that, the abuse continued.

Kelly taught his own child to call the woman “n****r” every time the boy saw the woman, which the victim said was particularly hurtful. Police said she was visibly shaking when she filed the report, which finally resulted in Kelly’s arrest.

Kelly was charged with ethnic intimidation, a fifth-degree felony, but he wasn’t charged for an August 10th incident, when he crossed the street just to confront the victim, again shouting racial slurs and spitting on her, all before threatening to kill her and her son.

Some Trump supporters are offended when they are called racist, but just like how they claim the Muslim community is responsible for the worst examples of Islam, maybe we should hold all Trump supporters accountable for people like Kelly.

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