India Is Building A Mall And Rounding Up Homeless People So Ivanka Trump Can Shop In Peace

Ivanka Trump is set to represent the U.S. in India as we co-host the entrepreneurship summit later this month. To make the First Daughter feel more comfortable when she arrives, Indian authorities are going to remove 6,000 beggars from the streets and place them in rehab centers and shelters in Hyderabad. Officials want the city cleaned up in case Ivanka decides to do any sightseeing.

Local Indian officials have also expedited work on an open-air market wrapping around Charminar, one of the city’s most historic and iconic mosques, built in 1591. Trump will attend the event with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 28, a day before she’s expected to shop and see the sights in the region. And America’s princess must be able to shop in peace, and not be forced to look at poor people.

Police are already working hard to impress the White House adviser. So far, 400 beggars have been removed, and begging has been banned until January 2018. Their big concern? Apparently, it’s traffic. As authorities told India Today, “Such acts are causing annoyance and awkwardness by exposing in an indecent manner to divert the attention of the vehicular traffic as well as pedestrians and public, in general, to induce them to give alms,” police said in a notice. “These acts are dangerous to the safety of the vehicular traffic and public in general.”

It’s also important to them that Hyderabad looks good. “The Indian government and Prime Minister Modi are great partners, and we thank the city of Hyderabad, whose robust startup ecosystem, top notch talent, and supportive government policies have made it one of the world’s leading startup capitals,” MaryKay Carlson, chargé d’affaires at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi, said in a statement. “We are thrilled to be partnering together on GES 2017!”


Hopefully, Donald Trump doesn’t hear this and get any ideas.

Nicole James
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