Fox & Friends Is FURIOUS With The Photographer Who Took Awkward Photo Of Trump Shaking Hands

Fox & Friends did their job as state propaganda Monday morning when they defended Donald Trump against the mockery and laughs he received after an awkward photo showing him shaking hands in Asia was released.

As a number of world leaders met at the ASEAN summit in the Philippines, they posed for the annual “family photo,” and Trump was forced to cross his arms and hold hands with Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, resulting in a very Trump-like photo.

But Fox & Friends was there to quickly defend their Dear Leader.

“It’s no secret that the New York Times has not been very friendly to the president or this administration,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt opened the segment.

Earhardt explained that New York Times photographer Doug Mills tweeted out the below photo of Trump looking awkward and strained while making the handshake, “but if you watch the video, do you see that face?”

“They snapped the photo when he was making that interesting awkward face.”

Steve Doocy then said that the photo of “President Awkward Face” was taken by Mills in what the Washington Post described as “revenge” for the administration restricting press access on the trip.

“Well when you watch the video and see the photo it’s obvious what they’re doing,” Earhardt declared. “They’re trying to portray him as being awkward as we just said, and they want to portray him in that light.”

“Is it President Trump’s fault he’s six-three?” asked Brian Kilmeade. “No.”

For the record, here are other photos taken of the handshake:


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