Donald Trump’s Friends Are Scheduling Fake Events At Mar-a-Lago To Make Him Feel Better

Mar-a-Lago, AKA The Winter White House, AKA, the place where President Trump spent about a quarter of his first year in office playing golf, has seen some better days. This year, after Trump refused to condemn Nazis after they instigated violence in Charlottesville, the resort lost 16 high profile charity events.

And that’s just the beginning. According to Shannon Donnelly, the society editor for the Palm Beach Daily Newsthe friends of members don’t even want to be seen in the club. They’re instead frequenting rival Palm Beach club the Breakers, which Trump once mocked for getting the  “the leftovers” from Mar-a-Lago.

“People will still put on their dancing shoes, and pay big money for their tickets, and go out for the night,” Donnelly told the Washington Post. But, she added, “instead of going to Mar-a-Lago, they’ll be going to the Breakers.”

So who is booking events there now? People like televangelist Pat Robertson, head of the Christian Broadcasting Network, and the Trumpettes, a Trump fan club comprised of rich older women. Pattison said he scheduled his gala at Mar-a-Lago “just so it could take place there.”

And the resort just hosted the first event for The Young Republican National Federation. The guest speaker was singer and Trump supporter Joy Villa, who praised conspiracy theorist and gay frog sympathizer Alex Jones.

Mar-a-Lago lost any prestige they once held. Trump wanted to be president to make sure his brand could make the most money (his tax act does nothing but that), but when he leaves office—or his kicked out—he might find that brand in ruins.

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