The Republican Congress Just Issued A ‘Relief’ Package That Is A Giant ‘F*ck You’ To Puerto Rico

After a series of devastating hurricanes, the Republicans in Congress introduced a $36.5 billion disaster relief package. The money would help affected states and territories, including Puerto Rico. However, the “relief” going to Puerto Rico is actually more harmful than helpful.

Puerto Rico currently has a $74 billion debt. And instead of awarding the US Territory federal aid to restore power and water, the House Republicans are issuing a $4.9 billion loan that Puerto Ricans will have to repay—with interest.

Yet in the same bill, the House canceled the $16 billion debt owed by the National Flood Insurance Program. None of Puerto Rico’s debt will be canceled, despite Trump’s promises.

The bill includes $3.58 in disaster relief grants, but that must be shared between Texas, Florida, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Alabama, and Puerto Rico. Because of how badly Texas and Florida were hit, Puerto Rico is unlikely to receive much funding.

To make it worse, Puerto Rico is running out of money, and could possibly have to shut down their government as soon as October 12, 2017. And how do the Republicans “help” them? Adding to their debt.

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