Study Reveals That A Photo Of A Black Person Can Anger Trump Supporters And Change Their Politics

Are Trump supporters racist? While they claim not to be, most everyone else in the world says they are. But now there is statistical evidence that Trump supporters are racist.

A study from Colgate and the University of Minnesota asked Trump voters their feelings about a simple housing-assistance issue. The interviewees were presented with a picture along with the information. And this is where the racism comes out. When the image depicted a white person, the Trump voter overwhelmingly supported their needs. But when the same information was accompanied by a picture of a black person, the Trump voters staunchly opposed the assistance.

However, it’s not just that the voters didn’t support housing for struggling black people, but when they saw a “black cue,” they were triggered. Just seeing black people made them mad.

And they tended to blame struggling black people for their own hypothetical issues:

We find that white Trump supporters randomly exposed to a black (versus a white) man in the context of soliciting their support for a housing-assistance policy were more opposed to the policy, angrier about the policy, and more likely to blame beneficiaries for their situation.

The study also included Hillary Clinton voters, who were shown the same pictures. But the results among Clinton supporters show no statistical difference, which includes both black and white voters. Assumingly, they had a hard time finding a black Trump voter to participate in the study.

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